Cyrano & Roxane Fall in Love
Over 120 years ago, French poet Edmund Rostand penned the great work of poetry, and our namesake, Cyrano de Bergerac. Since the publishing date, this classic piece of romance has been translated many ways and been adapted for film multiple times, including the 1987 blockbuster, Roxane, starring Steve Martin. To us the name means kindling and rekindling flames and growing relationships among friends, family and more-than-friends. And—oh yeah—award-winning desserts, modern cocktails and an all-around creative food experience.
Cyrano's Café is Born
Just west of the famous Forest Park in St. Louis, Cyrano's Café was our city's premiere Euro-style coffee house, tucked in the basement of a Hi-Fi store at the corner of Clayton Road and DeMun Avenue. The first Cyrano's restaurant introduced the area to brand new coffee concepts, such as the cappuccino, and many of the signature desserts, piled high with whipped cream, that we still serve today. Over time, this location grew to take over a portion of the stereo shop upstairs but was ultimately destroyed due to a fire in 1979. But, don't worry, this Cyrano's hiatus didn't last long. image credit:
Back in Business, Just Down the Road
After the 1979 fire at the Clayton & DeMun building, St. Louis' favorite café found a new home just down the road a little past the corner of Clayton Road on Big Bend Blvd. This new location provided more space for first-daters, friend groups and family gatherings. In 1985 the original owners sold the restaurant. The new owners expanded the dinner options and turned Cryano's into more of a fine-dining restaurant, featuring steaks and seafood. image credit:
Cyrano says "À Plus Tard" (See you Later)
With the sale of the Big Bend Boulevard real estate, Cyrano's closed once more, for just a little while longer this time. Today, this former-Cyrano's building is home to a cheesesake bakery and an Italian restaurant. image credit:
A Dessert Dream Come True
In October of 2003, Cyrano's was revived once more, opening under the ownership of Carolyn and Charles Downs. Carolyn had been selling her homemade cakes and pies to local restaurants for years, and Cyrano's offered her the perfect place to put her baking skills on display. Located right in the heart of the Old Orchard neighborhood of Webster Groves, the restaurant shares space in a building that was originally a dealership for the Chrysler automotive brand DeSoto.
Private Dining and Generational Bakers
Continuing to expand, our restaurant added a private dining space that can accommodate up to 50 guests. And with growth often comes change, as Carolyn's son Chip took over the reins as head pastry chef. Together this mother-son duo has made our Bread Pudding a classic, award-winning dessert for a new era.
Bringing the Future with the Family
Today, the restaurant is headed by Chip (owner & pastry chef) and Melissa Downs (owner & general manager). Growing a family of our own, we look forward to pairing the favorites of the past with the creations of today. Mostly we look forward to creating a warm and welcoming dining experience that encourages our guests to sing, and laugh, and dream.